Professional Training

Given the field expertise at Wild Ginger Field Services, we train and lead professional development of small groups in field ecology. Please contact us with any inquiries on receiving training in our core areas.

Monitoring Plans

Using information about the site and project specific details, Wild Ginger Field Services can develop and create a monitoring plan to suit your needs. Based on standard requirements (e.g., Mitigation Banking Instrument) or statistical analysis, we can ascertain the number of plots needed, the methods best suited to the project, and the requirements for success of a project.

Report Writing

In conjunction with field work, data collection, data entry, or as a stand alone request, Wild Ginger Field Services will compile and complete a written report for your projects. We offer assurances of excellence in written communications and a prompt turn around time.

Data Entry

All too often field work generates an abundance of data and time is not adequate to allow entry, validation and basic statistical and descriptive analysis of the data. Allow us to enter your field data for you, whether or not we performed the field work. With our expertise in ecology and familiarity with data generated from field work, we appreciate the complications and conditions that may result in field data. We will use our trained eye to ensure accuracy, ask pertinent questions and develop clear, and concise spreadsheets. 

Mitigation Banking Instrument (MBI) Development

Wild Ginger Field Services develops a Mitigation Banking Instrument based on standard guidelines and responsibilities as well as the specific needs of a Bank site.